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About the plans

Please note that NONE of my plans require lofting. All plans have been lofted, corrected, built and sailed by me.

Also note that when you purchase a set of plans you are buying a license, with a number, to build ONE hull. To build more than one hull, and I encourage you to, you must obtain permission and pay a royalty fee of $25.00 before construction may begin.

All plans copyright Thomas J. Hill.

Over the years I have worked to make my plans as simple and complete as possible, but if you have never built a Glued Plywood Lapstrake boat, I encourage you to get the book and video. These tools will save time in your shop and make building your boat more fun!

All the plans, the book and video are shipped Priority Mail, usually the same or the next day, unless perhaps, I might be off fishing for a couple of days.

Plans are not returnable or refundable.

Plans, book, or video are all shipped separately and won't always arrive on the same day. Shipping and handling are within the United States is free! International orders are $10 each.